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Laurel Norris

Things that I like: Data, strategy, interacting with a lot of interesting people, and writing reports (strange, I know). I also love being creative, especially when it comes to engaging learners and connecting with people.

My background is in journalism, centered around science and technology topics. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time at the barn riding my horse. I compete in three-day-eventing.

  • Content development 90%
  • Evaluation 75%
  • Strategy 50%

Lexy Spry

I connect people with information, and I’m very fond of both. I’m a librarian at heart, and keep the values of librarianship top-of-mind whether designing learning experiences or leading a workshop.

When I’m not working, I’m either knitting with friends or spending time with my family. We build with legos, rides bikes, and tend to our garden.

  • Learning experience design 75%
  • Video production 50%
  • Metadata and taxonomy 90%

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