Essential information about how to be sure users can get the assets they need – in the right format.

The Collective is more than just a static repository – it allows you to use assets in a variety of ways, like embedding assets in websites, downloading them for printing, sharing to social media, linking for quick review, and connecting them with partners. Using and distributing assets from the Collective means easier tracking and more data for deciphering which assets are working – and which assets need work.

Take action

Talk with teams who manage your organization’s CMS or other channels to ensure assets aren’t unnecessarily duplicated.

There are several ways to use assets in the Collective. You can Share, Order, Download, Link, Embed, Convert, or Share over social networks. These actions are all variations on a theme: Engaging an asset. This video outlines each of these uses so you can thoughtfully configure your site.

Make a list

Think about the ways your users will engage with assets.  Start with basic download and share functionality and add new options as they’re needed.

This click-by-click screencast shows you how to configure downloads, orders, conversion formats, share links and embed codes.  It also demonstrates how to set permissions for the various types of asset use.

Complete the course

Create the conversion formats your users will need — and edit the names and help text.

Choose your own adventure