Keep assets secure and only give people access to what they need through carefully planned asset groups and roles. Watch this course to learn how to plan and configure permissions.

Roles, along with asset groups, are the primary mechanisms for securing assets in the Collective. All users are assigned into one or more roles, and all assets are assigned into one or more asset groups. Administrators create asset groups and roles connect them with permissions.  Permissions determine a user’s level of interaction with assets.

Think about your users

Make a list of potential users and group them by security needs.

Your users will need access to specific assets – and will need to perform specific tasks to and actions with those assets. Creating roles, asset groups, and permissions is a key step to building a secure foundation for your Collective site.

Link assets and roles

Make a list of asset groups, another list of roles, and draw lines to match who needs access to what.

This click-by-click screencast shows how to create roles, asset groups, and permissions your site.

Start configuring

Create an asset group and a role – then connect them with permissions.

Choose your own adventure