Manage access to digital content inside the Assets app by regulating which assets people can see and what they can do with them. Laurel will walk you through the basics of asset security, show you how to map out your ideal scenario, and provide details on how to set it up in your system.


Assets in your DAM system are kept secure through the interplay of roles, asset groups, and permissions. See how these elements work together to influence the user experience.

Figuring out the best security setup in your site doesn’t have to be a headache. Watch Laurel walk through the process.

Additional Resources:

  1. Example security structure map

Learn how to balance a good user experience with administrative ease while mapping security for your site.

Join Brian and learn how to make roles and asset groups –– then connect them with permissions –– in the Assets app.

Before the next onboarding meeting

Send an image of your security map to your onboarding coach; you’ll discuss it in your next meeting.

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