We’re excited to help you set up your Widen Collective site! This lesson covers important steps you should take before you get into your site –– steps that will make implementation easier and, ultimately, make your site more organized and user friendly.


Meet the Widen University team and discover what you’ll be learning in the lessons ahead.

Gathering assets for upload

Join Lexy to learn about getting assets into your site and start brainstorming which people in your organization create or purchase assets –– and where they’re stored.

Preparing for upload

If you’re like most people, you’re ready to log in and start uploading assets as soon as possible. Keep that enthusiasm! In this video, Lexy talks about the benefits of a strategically planned move into the DAM system.

Before the next onboarding meeting

Complete the upload brainstorm guide and talk to people who create, purchase, or commission the digital files that will be in your site. Having a solid grasp on who has the assets –– and where they are currently stored –– will make meeting with your onboarding coach more productive.