User Administration

Understand the role of an administrator when it comes to managing users and navigating the admin app.

Engaging with users of your site is essential. This video explains that it’s important to plan around the users of your site and describes how to make it easy for users to gain access, how to communicate the purpose of your DAM, and how to make sure user questions are answered.

Write it down

Document how you will introduce the Widen Collective® to users: Will you send emails?  Talk to them in person? Communicate via a company newsletter? What will you say?

Engaging with users of your site is essential. Configuring the login page, having a strategy for teaching users about the DAM’s existence, and creating a governance document are ways to make your DAM successful. Watch this video to learn best practices for user engagement.

Document it

Create (or update) a governance document to include a purpose and vision and include the information you need from each user before they can use the Collective (e.g.., address, position, etc.).

An advocacy plan, testing, and user training allow your company to take full advantage of all Collective offers.  This videos shows why a dedicated administrator, thoughtful planning, and well-trained users are critical to the success of your DAM.

Start right

From the very beginning, stress the importance of DAM as a shared resource. Everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

Choose your own adventure