Insights - Analytics

Insights – Analytics

Your assets at work

You work in marketing. You might be a graphic designer, a manager, or a full-time Widen Collective® administrator. But did you know that you are also a scientist? When you use Insights you ask questions, use data, and make decisions just like a scientist. Insights is the application inside the Widen Collective® that supports data-driven decision-making.

Data helps answer questions we ask ourselves every day:

How do I stay healthy?

Calorie and movement trackers display your net caloric intake and can also show your activity level.

Where did my money go?

Money management apps help you track where you spent money.

Where should I eat dinner?

Restaurant review sites provide crowd-sourced information.

That’s why we created Insights. It’s flexible and helps you leverage all the data that your Widen Collective® site generates!  It allows you to use past data to make future decisions.

Along with more data comes ability to make better decisions, target content more effectively, and optimize your investment in DAM.

But to begin, you have to ask questions.


I'm ready! What's next?

Generate one question that can be answered by Insights and build a chart to answer this question. Can’t think of a question? Try this: Which photograph has been downloaded the most in the past 6 months?

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